BMI, The Body Mass Index

If you want or have to lose weight, the first thing to do is weigh yourself. Are you too heavy? By how much? Today, the Body Mass Index is used to determine this. The controversy with this statistic is import for every diet. Everyone wants to measure their success later.
In German, body mass index translates to Körpermasseindex. In other words, an index of body mass. More specifically, an index of body mass compared to body size.

BMI Calculator

What is my BMI?
Our BMI calculator makes it easy und shows the calculated body mass index visually thanks to 3D body images. There are 3 body types to choose from for this. Try it out.
BMI Kind

How about the kids?
The calculation is the same but the meaning is different. We have diagrams for boys and girls and the calculated BMI is shown as a line so that you can asses your child’s BMI more easily.

BMI Formula

How do you calculate BMI?
The formula with an example. There is also a tip to calculate your BMI with a pocket calculator.
BMI Table

What does the BMI mean?
The tables from the World Health Organization WHO and the American NCR.

The BMI was developed by Adolphe Quetelet in the 1900's. It is independent on gender and Age. It is the same Formula for men, women and children. The BMI calculator is suitable for women just as it is for men and children. For Kids the result is however varied. While you normally use the BMI Table from WHO as an adult, there are percentile curves.

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