BMI formula

The body mass index (BMI) is a statistic developed by Adolphe Quetelet in the 1900’s for evaluating body mass. It is not related to gender and age. It uses the same formula for men as for women and children.

The body mass index is calculated based on the following formula:
Bodyweight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared
BMI = x KG / (y M * y M)
x=bodyweight in KG
y=height in m
Example for 175 cm height und 70 kg weight:
BMI = 70 / (1.75 * 1.75) = 22.86
The result is in kilograms by meters squared, or KG/M2. In most cases, people simply leave out this designation. It doesn’t have any real significance because humans don’t equate to real mathematical squares as the formula might suggest.
The meaning of the value can be determined in the BMI table.

Calculate BMI with a pocket calculator:

If you input the above formula, for example, first you divide 70 by 1.75 and then multiply. The result would be 70. You must convert the formula so that it can be entered into the table. So you get:
70 / 1.75 / 1.75 = 22.86
BMI Pocket Calculator Calculation

Step by Step:
  1. Give weight in kilograms
  2. / (divided by)
  3. Height in meters
  4. / (divided by)
  5. Height in meters
  6. =
The calculator trick shows it’s not so easy to calculate BMI. Hardly anyone can simply calculate it in their head. But there are solutions. I would like to offer you our BMI calculator. The slider makes it possible to directly adjust the BMI value and figure out your ideal weight with the body mass index.

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