Basal Metabolism

Basal metabolic rate indicates how many calories a person burns in a day when completely at rest. This value is to be understood only as a rough estimate and will vary depending on body type. Special activities that burn more calories are not explicitly considered.



Basal Metabolism [kcal/24 h] = 66,47 + 13,7 * Bodyweight [kg] + 5 * Height [cm] - 6,8 * Age [Years]


Basal Metabolism [kcal/24 h] = 655,1 + 9,6 * Bodyweight [kg] + 1,8 * Height [cm] - 4,7 * Age [Years]

Energy Conversion Calculator:

Our calculator can not only calculate the basal metabolic rate, but also include an activity. Determine the level of activity between 0 and 100. The result is then displayed as a daily calorie consumption in kilocalories (kcal).
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Daily Energy Expenditure:

The calculated energy expenditure is to be understood only as an approximate value.

You can determine the calorie requirement of individual activities with our calculator for calorie consumption or look it up in the table.

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